When Tennessee investigators approach an accident site, the cause of the crash is not always immediately apparent. Even when it appears one or another person may have caused a particular collision, sometimes evidence is later produced that shows something or someone else may, in fact, have been the cause. Trucking accidents often result in serious, if not fatal injuries to one or more people; family members who survive deceased accident victims often turn to the court to see that justice is served.

On a recent Thursday in Nashville, a tragedy occurred. The situation involved two motor vehicles, one which was a Tennessee Department of Transportation truck. The other vehicle was much smaller, which may be why it bore most of the impact of the crash.

Sadly, the driver of the car did not survive. Two workers from the official government vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries not considered life-threatening. Several lanes of traffic had to be shut down after the accident. As often happens in the aftermaths of trucking accidents, investigators were continuing their probes because they had not determined the exact cause of the crash.

A Tennessee personal injury attorney can advocate on behalf of the injured in trucking accidents, or family members of deceased victims, who wish to file injury claims in civil court based on evidence of driver negligence. To begin the process, it's often best to document the details of the events leading up to the crash as thoroughly as possible. Third-party testimonies may also be enlisted, whenever possible, in order to substantiate a claim.

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