A loaded semi-truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. The results can be devastating when one collides with a 4,000-pound passenger vehicle. Recovery from the catastrophic injuries suffered in a trucking accident may take years of medical care. The cost of such extensive medical care is something few households can bear alone. You need to do everything you can to ensure that you are fully compensated for everything you have been through after a trucking accident, and Pete Olson Injury Law can help. Our truck accident attorney in Clarksville knows how to build a truly effective claim on your behalf. 

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Get the Benefits of Our Record of Results

If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a truck accident, secure the assistance of an experienced attorney with a record of success in these types of cases. This is essential because the insurance companies know how much these cases can be worth, and they do everything they can to minimize or avoid paying out any fair level of compensation altogether. Our Clarksville truck accident attorney has decades of experience that have taught him how to effectively investigate trucking accidents and secure the evidence needed to get results.

During the process, we may:

  • Work with accident reconstructionists
  • Investigate driver logs
  • Check the truck's maintenance records
  • Interview potential witnesses
  • Obtain and review video footage

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The Threat of Catastrophic Injuries From Truck Collisions in Clarksville

When Tennessee motorists share the state's highways with big rigs such as 18-wheelers, semis, tractor-trailers, and tankards, their lives are at risk. Even the slightest error by a truck driver -- especially at a high rate of speed -- can be catastrophic. Trucking accidents often lead to fatalities and/or life-changing injuries.

The factors that lead to trucking accidents are varied, and combinations of these often result in disaster. Drivers operating commercial trucks need special training to drive defensively and react appropriately in emergencies. Driver errors cause many truck accidents. Mistakes often follow fatigue, unbalanced or insecure cargo, impairment and/or disregard of other safety guidelines.

Trucking companies sometimes burden big rig operators with unrealistic expectations and schedules. The deadlines and targets drivers are given often require continuous driving hours without the required rest periods. Some employers fail to recognize that they do not only stand to lose the cargo in a crash, but also the life of a driver and occupants of other vehicles involved in a wreck.

Tennessee victims of trucking accidents might be suffering the consequences of catastrophic injuries that may require lifestyle changes. The financial and emotional damages that can follow such an accident could ruin the financial stability of any family. Recovery may be sought through the civil justice system of Tennessee, and the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney can provide valuable support and guidance. This can allow the injured victim to recuperate while the lawyer pursues monetary recovery of damages -- including the anticipated future losses that will follow the accident.

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Common Types of Truck Accidents

There are several ways a truck accident can occur. However, some are more common than others. Below is a list of nine of the most common collisions involving commercial semis and 18-wheelers:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Rollovers
  • Blind spot accidents (No-Zone accidents)
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded truck accidents
  • Tire blowouts
  • Lost load accidents
  • Brake failure accidents

Who Could Be Liable in a Commercial Truck Crash?

Commercial trucking accidents can result in serious injuries and fatalities, and determining liability in such cases can be complex. In many cases, more than one party can be held responsible for compensating an injured victim. Potentially liable parties include the following:

  • Truck driver. The driver of the commercial truck may be liable if they were driving recklessly, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or fatigued. Distracted driving or failure to obey traffic laws can also result in liability.
  • Trucking company. The trucking company may be liable if they failed to train their drivers properly, failed to maintain the truck, or pressured the driver to exceed hours of service limits. They may also be liable if they failed to perform proper background checks on the driver or failed to ensure that the driver had a valid commercial driver's license.
  • Truck manufacturer. The truck manufacturer may be liable if there was a defect in the truck that caused the accident. This could include defects in the braking system, steering system, or other truck components.
  • Cargo loaders. If the cargo was not loaded properly or was overloaded, this could result in liability for the cargo loaders. Overloaded cargo can cause the truck to be unstable and difficult to control.
  • Maintenance company. If the truck was not properly maintained, the maintenance company may be liable for the accident. Failure to maintain the truck can result in mechanical failure, such as tire blowouts or brake failure, which can cause an accident.

Investigating the accident and the trucking company to determine liability is a complex process. Trucking companies have teams of high-powered lawyers to protect their bottom line, so it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who has the tools and commitment to take on this kind of high-stakes case.

How a Clarksville Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Advocate for You When Determining Cause

When Tennessee investigators approach an accident site, the cause of the crash is not always immediately apparent. Even when it appears one or another person may have caused a particular collision, sometimes evidence is later produced that shows something or someone else may, in fact, have been the cause. Trucking accidents often result in serious, if not fatal injuries to one or more people; family members who survive deceased accident victims often turn to the court to see that justice is served.

A Clarksville truck accident lawyer can advocate on behalf of the injured party, or family members of deceased victims, who wish to file injury claims in civil court based on evidence of driver negligence. To begin the process, it's often best to document the details of the events leading up to the crash as thoroughly as possible. Third-party testimonies may also be enlisted, whenever possible, in order to substantiate a claim.

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How to Find the Best Truck Accident Attorney in Clarksville

When tracking down the best truck accident lawyer in Clarksville, TN, it's important to do your due diligence. Not every attorney who handles injury cases has experience with truck collisions. That's why we suggest following the tips below before deciding on representation.

  • Ask around. You trust your family and friends, so why not start there? See if any of your loved ones have worked with an injury attorney and how there experience was.
  • Read reviews. After talking to your loved ones, you should turn to the internet next. Reading testimonials from past clients can give you a good understanding of how that attorney has worked with people in a similar situation.
  • Schedule consultations. Most, if not all, personal injury attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. Take advantage of those. Scheduled several, come prepared, and ask questions that may help you in the long run. If you feel comfortable after your consultation, it's a good indication you can move forward.

Why Choose Pete Olson Injury Law

We are here to help people fight trucking companies and their insurers for the compensation they deserve. Our goal is to help you get the medical care and compensation you will need to work through your recovery so that you can begin rebuilding your life.

Our Clarksville truck accident attorney began helping people more than 30 years ago. He uses the experience and skills he has acquired over those years to help his clients. His record of success includes multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts and thousands of favorably settled cases.

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