fatal high speed car accident in ClarksvilleCollisions that take place at a high rate of speed can have disastrous consequences. Drivers who operate a vehicle at excessive speeds have a greater chance of creating an unfortunate scenario, and those who encounter such negligence may find it nearly impossible to steer out of harm's way. A recent head-on car accident involving similar circumstances has reportedly left one person with severe injuries and claimed the lives of two others in Tennessee.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident took place at around 5 p.m. on a recent Friday. According to reports, witnesses claim the driver of the vehicle was attempting to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road while traveling at a high rate of speed. According to witnesses, the vehicle nearly missed crashing into an oncoming car before slamming head-on into a third vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders were forced to extract one of the victims from a vehicle and airlift him or her to a medical facility for treatment of serious injuries. Authorities advised that two of the occupants in the other vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, initial investigations indicated that speed appears to have been a contributing factor in the crash.

While a car accident can have catastrophic results under any circumstance, those that occur at high speeds can be exceedingly devastating. Individuals who suffer severe injury or the loss of a loved one due to another party's negligent actions could choose to retain the services of an attorney for advice on how best to approach the situation. An attorney in Tennessee can help a client better understand what to expect from the process and assist him or her in pursuing the restitution deserved through a claim against the party deemed at fault. Contact Pete Olson Injury Attorneys today!

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