Generally speaking, anyone who walks is in at least minimal danger for stumbling or tripping and falling down. Slip-and-fall accidents are more likely to occur, however, if certain circumstances exist. Understanding the risks and knowing where to turn for help if a problem arises in Tennessee goes a long way toward staying safe, as well as achieving a swift recovery if an injury occurs.Slip & Fall Clarksville

Many businesses or government buildings post signs that warn pedestrians about wet floors or other potential safety hazards. If a building owner fails to post such a warning and a visitor falls and sprains an ankle or worse, the property owner could be legally accountable for the incident. A property owner is typically responsible for keeping visitors safe on the outdoor grounds that surround a particular building or dwelling place.

Outside, some of the greatest hazards to pedestrians include snow, ice, poor lighting or random debris left on the ground. Snow and ice are particular priorities in parking lots, where property owners are obligated to keep areas open to motorists and/or pedestrians clear when precipitation occurs. Even tripping on a sidewalk crack might present a legal problem if the person who falls suffers injury and files a claim against the party or parties responsible for maintaining sidewalk safety.

Slip-and-fall accidents aren't usually fatal, but recovering victims may endure lengthy and arduous recoveries, depending on the severity of their conditions. Many accident victims use their downtime in recovery to build strong cases against those whose negligence caused their injuries. Someone currently considering filing such a claim in Tennessee may seek assistance by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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