Car accidents, even minor fender-benders, are bad enough to ruin most people's days. Trucking accidents, though, are usually immeasurably worse, as the sheer size of the vehicles involved tends to mean catastrophic and often fatal results. Now, a new program in Tennessee is attempting to address this issue.Clarksville Truckers Reviewing New Program to Reduce Truck Accidents

The Tennessee Trucking Foundation has created a program to help teens and younger drivers improve their driving and highway safety knowledge about issues like sharing the road with commercial vehicles such as semis and big rigs. The program's mission is to save lives by creating a safer driving environment. They are offering various presentations aimed at educating all motorists, with a focus on newer and teenaged drivers.

A No-Zone Truck and Trailer has begun traveling the highways and interstates of Tennessee, with the express purpose of familiarizing students with the sheer, massive size of big rigs by allowing young drivers to experience it for themselves in person. The program also hopes to teach drivers about issues like large commercial trucks' greater stopping distances and blind spots. There's even an app for teenaged drivers full of tips and safety videos about sharing the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles.

Truly, any program that helps decrease the number of trucking accidents is a step in the right direction. Of course, it's not always inexperienced teenagers or inattentive automobile drivers who cause accidents with large commercial vehicles, though sadly, it's often the drivers of the smaller cars who come out worse in accidents involving trucks. Anyone in Tennessee who has suffered serious injuries in a wreck caused by a truck driver's fault or negligence may wish to explore options for just compensation with a personal injury attorney experienced in handling cases involving large commercial vehicles. If you wish to pursue legal action after your truck accident, contact Pete Olson Injury Attorneys today.

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