When patients are prescribed a certain drug or medical device, they trust that it will help them manage their condition, or even facilitate healing. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that these same products that are meant to heal instead lead to harm. Some researchers even suggest that recalls for defective drugs and medical devices are on the rise across the country. There are several theories as to why that may be, which will hopefully inform Tennessee families and help them protect themselves.Recall for Defective Drugs and Medical Devices in Clarksville

Researchers warn that though the use of generic drugs is highly beneficial for patients, they can have a downside as well. The rush to produce them can lead certain companies to use cost-cutting measures that can compromise safety. Drug manufacturers still have the need to maintain a certain profit margin, and sacrificing quality control may be one way that they achieve that.

The same experts say that when a voluntary recall is needed, the manager's discretion may come into play as well. A newer person in that position may be fine with issuing a recall, as it could reflect poorly on his or her predecessor. That same manager may also be more trusting that a physician will discover the defect before prescribing the drug or device to a patient.

Another interesting factor is who is conducting FDA safety inspections. Researchers found that if the same inspector assesses the same plant more than once, he or she is more likely to let personal bias get in the way of a thorough inspection, due to being familiar with the staff. Experts say that these inspections are crucial, since they often predict the potential for future recalls.

No one should have to suffer due to the carelessness of anyone related to this industry. Defective drugs and medical devices can drastically impact an affected family's life. Those here in Tennessee who have been harmed by one of these dangerous products may decide to file a civil claim. A successfully-litigated claim could result in monetary damages that can help a person move forward with his or her life after such tragedy.

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