When Tennessee motorists share the state's highways with big rigs such as 18-wheelers, semis, tractor-trailers, and tankards, their lives are at risk. Even the slightest error by a truck driver -- especially at a high rate of speed -- can be catastrophic. Trucking accidents often lead to fatalities and/or life-changing injuries.

The factors that lead to trucking accidents are varied, and combinations of these often result in disaster. Drivers who operate commercial trucks need special training to enable them to drive defensively and react appropriately in emergencies. Driver errors cause many truck accidents. Mistakes often follow fatigue, unbalanced or insecure cargo, impairment and/or disregard of other safety guidelines.

Trucking companies sometimes burden big rig operators with unrealistic expectations and schedules. The deadlines and targets drivers are given often require continuous driving hours without the required rest periods. Some employers fail to recognize that they do not only stand to lose the cargo in a crash, but also the life of a driver and occupants of other vehicles involved in a wreck.

Tennessee victims of trucking accidents might be suffering the consequences of catastrophic injuries that may require lifestyle changes. The financial and emotional damages that can follow such an accident could ruin the financial stability of any family. Recovery may be sought through the civil justice system of Tennessee, and the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney can provide valuable support and guidance. This can allow the injured victim to recuperate while the lawyer pursues monetary recovery of damages -- including the anticipated future losses that will follow the accident.

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