Commercial vehicles and tractor-trailers are often part of fast-moving traffic on Tennessee highways. Many factors affect a truck operator's ability to safely navigate the roadway. Sadly, many trucking accidents occur when drivers fail to adhere to traffic regulations or are otherwise negligent behind their wheels.

Fatalities often occur in collisions involving tractor-trailers. The massive bundles of steel create disaster upon impact. Often, there may be little to nothing left of smaller vehicles involved in such crashes. Those who mourn the loss of loved ones in such incidents may wonder where to turn for support if they wish to file wrongful death claims in court. Typically, only an immediate family member of a deceased victim may do so, including a spouse, adult child or parent of a minor.

Some people are able to survive their injuries, but even minor injury often necessitates a long recovery period. If a recovering victim has to take time off work or needs to make repeated visits to a physical therapist or other medical center in order to get well, the financial strain unduly thrust upon him or her may add further burden to the situation. The law allows injured victims to seek compensation for damages against any and all parties deemed responsible in such situations.

At Pete Olson Law, in Tennessee, one of our main goals is to help victims of trucking accidents and their families secure the medical assistance and financial resources they need to achieve as full of a recovery as possible. Twenty-five years of experience has fully prepared our team to aggressively litigate any issue as necessary to seek justice against negligent truck drivers who have caused injury to others. If you would like to discuss a particular situation, you may request a meeting by accessing the contact form available on our website.

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