car accident brain injury scan in Clarksville TNIn the aftermath of a catastrophic crash, it can take some time for doctors to determine the extent of your injuries. You might have obvious lacerations and fractures, but it's not as easy to pinpoint the cause of other symptoms, such as mobility issues, confusion, or memory loss. Once doctors have diagnosed a car accident brain injury, it's clear that you could have a long road ahead before you are fully recovered.

If the crash that caused your injuries was not your fault, you must talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Clarksville, TN, with brain injury experience, about holding the other driver liable for your damages.

Brain injuries can lead to costly medical care and a need for life-long rehabilitation and personal assistance. At Pete Olson Injury Law, our Clarksville car accident attorney understands that brain injuries can result in long-term costs, and we make sure the compensation you get will be sufficient to support you for life.

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Common Car Accident Brain Injuries

There are several different ways your brain could be injured in a motor vehicle crash. The more common categories of injury include the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI refers to damage caused by a sudden impact or force to the head. Concussions can cause temporary loss of consciousness, confusion, memory problems, headaches, and sensitivity to light or noise. Bruising of the brain tissue, called contusions, can lead to cognitive impairments, motor dysfunction, and potential long-term complications. Severe whiplash can cause a diffuse axonal injury, which causes widespread damage to the brain's nerve fibers, resulting in cognitive deficits, coma, or even a vegetative state.
  • Cerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage involves bleeding within the brain tissue, leading to neurological deficits, impaired consciousness, and potentially life-threatening complications. When bleeding occurs in the space surrounding the brain, known as a subarachnoid hemorrhage, you can experience severe headaches, confusion, and potential long-term cognitive impairments.
  • Skull fracture. With a depressed skull fracture, a portion of the skull bone is pushed inward, potentially causing damage to the underlying brain tissue, infections, or seizures. A fracture at the base of the skull is called a basilar skull fracture and can lead to cerebrospinal fluid leaks, damage to cranial nerves, and potential brain infections.
  • Penetrating brain injury. Not uncommon in a violent car crash, this injury is caused by objects, such as shards of glass or metal, entering the brain tissue. Consequences can range from localized brain damage to widespread impairments.

The impact of a car accident brain injury can vary greatly from person to person. A victim might experience physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes. These consequences can manifest as memory problems, difficulty with attention and concentration, motor impairments, personality changes, depression, anxiety, and challenges with daily activities and relationships.

As you are diagnosed and treated by specialists in the aftermath of the crash, you should not have to worry about how you will hold the negligent driver who caused the crash accountable for paying for your recovery. When you GET PETE! for your car crash brain injury case, you can rest assured he will take it from there.

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How a Clarksville Car Accident Attorney With Brain Injury Experience Can Help

Every client and every case is unique, but there are steps we take with all of our clients to help maximize their recovery. In your brain injury case, our Clarksville car accident lawyer will likely do several of the following:

  1. Conduct an initial case evaluation. At no cost and with no obligation from you, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your case, including examining medical records, accident reports, and any available evidence related to the car accident and brain injury.
  2. Determine liability. Our team will investigate and determine the parties responsible for the car accident and the resulting brain injury. This may involve reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, consulting accident reconstruction experts, and gathering any available surveillance footage.
  3. Gather evidence. We will gather additional evidence to support your claim, such as accident scene photographs, witness statements, expert opinions, and medical expert testimony regarding the brain injury's impact and long-term consequences.
  4. Get medical documentation. We will work closely with medical professionals to ensure that your brain injury is properly documented, including the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and anticipated future medical needs. This information helps establish the severity and impact of the injury when seeking compensation.
  5. Determine the value of damages. We have years of experience to help us assess the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and any other applicable damages resulting from the brain injury. We may work with economic experts and life care planners to accurately estimate the long-term financial impact of your injury.
  6. Negotiate with insurance companies. We will handle communications and negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf. We will fight to secure a fair settlement that compensates you adequately for your damages, including current and future medical needs, lost income, and non-economic losses.
  7. Litigate the case. If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, we will prepare to file a lawsuit on your behalf. We will handle all aspects of the litigation process, including discovery, depositions, legal motions, and representing the client's interests in court.
  8. Help after the trial. After a trial or successful settlement, we won't leave you hanging. Our team will help with the implementation of the settlement or verdict. We can assist with negotiating liens, resolving medical bill disputes, and ensuring that you receive the awarded compensation promptly.

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A car accident brain injury can impact every area of your life and affect your family as well. We understand that this is a very scary time for you. At Pete Olson Injury Law, you are never just a case number. We are here for you and your family every step of the way. You have many challenges ahead of you, and we will do everything we can to help you overcome each one.

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