auto accident ClarksvilleA sudden impact, the sound of breaking glass, a haze of confusion and pain—even the most experienced driver can be completely turned around when they suffer a crash. Knowing what to do after an auto accident isn’t always easy, especially if you’re injured in a wreck that wasn’t your fault. However, there are specific actions to take to file a compensation claim.   

Our skilled Clarksville car accident lawyer at Pete Olson Injury Law can fight for the settlement you deserve for all related injuries. We do everything to help you recover past and future medical costs, lost income, pain, suffering, and other damages. Here’s what you should know.

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Know What to Do After an Auto Accident by Following These 5 Steps

Tennessee is a “fault” state. This means if the other motorist is found to be responsible for your accident, they’re accountable for damages. While you have a legal right to pursue compensation, obtaining a fair and full financial recovery hinges on what you do at the scene and what steps you take after the accident. Here are five key actions to remember. 

1. Call First Responders to the Scene

Dial 911 and request both emergency medical technicians (EMT) and law enforcement. No matter how minor your injuries seem to be or the extent of your vehicle damage, it’s vital to: 

It’s critical never to admit fault in any way. Simply stick to the facts and let the police conduct an investigation.

2. Get a Thorough Medical Exam

A rush of accident-induced adrenaline often masks pain and other signs of injury. Arrange for a complete medical exam within hours of the crash and describe exactly what happened to your health care provider so they understand the full impact of the incident. Follow all treatment advice as directed. 

Additionally, keep all medical records, including test results, treatment protocols, prescriptions, and other aspects related to your care after the car accident. Your attorney will use this and other information to determine the value of your claim. 

3. Collect Contact Information and Evidence 

If you’re able, make sure to get the contact details of the other driver and any eyewitnesses. Also, take photos or videos of your injuries, vehicle damage, weather conditions, skid marks, and other notable forms of proof that can be used in your case.

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4. Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney 

A small fender bender can usually be resolved between both parties. However, if your vehicle damage is more significant and you suffered even a minor health issue, it’s essential to contact the legal professionals at Pete Olson Injury Law for a free consultation on your case. We work on a contingency fee basis: this means we don’t get paid until we secure the justice you deserve.

5. Let Your Attorney Talk With Insurance Companies 

Retaining legal counsel after a car accident is especially important when your potential settlement involves property damage, medical problems, lost income due to injury recovery, and other issues. Don’t give an insurance adjuster a reason to reduce or deny your claim. Politely refuse to provide a recorded statement— and don’t agree to a blanket release of all your medical records. Instead, let your attorney handle all communication and negotiations with insurers.

It’s easy to make mistakes after a car accident simply because of all the confusion. Our team strives to put your mind at ease by providing the right guidance to make the process easier.  

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