While a necessary part of health, going to the dentist is a dreaded task for many people. Hopefully, news of a recent lawsuit in another state won't deter Tennessee residents from getting the dental care they need, but it could make some think twice. A woman has filed a medical malpractice suit following an allegedly botched dental surgery, as a result of which she claims she suffered permanent nerve damage.Botched Dental Surgery Clarksville

The lawsuit names as defendants the dentist who performed the surgery, as well as the dental clinic Prosthodontics Intermedica (also known as "Pi Dental") and several Does. The claim alleges that the woman was a patient in 2015 and sought treatment to have a filling replaced on the left side of her mouth. During the procedure, the dentist and/or his nurse – one of the Does named in the suit – was allegedly careless when injecting the anesthesia into the plaintiff's mouth.

The accusation states that the needle directly struck a nerve on the left side of the patient's tongue, causing her severe and possibly permanent injury. Furthermore, it is alleged that, even after the dentist was informed of the incident, he violated dental protocol by failing to withdraw the needle and re-inject the anesthesia correctly. As a result, the patient suffered pain and discomfort, extensive bleeding, numbness, loss of taste in that part of her tongue and other serious injuries.

Subsequent to the surgery, the plaintiff also complains of a metallic taste in her mouth regardless of whatever food she eats and a noticeably altered speech pattern. For these counts of alleged negligence, the woman is suing for damages both jointly and individually to exceed $50,000 plus interest, in addition to all legal fees. Residents of Tennessee who find themselves similarly suffering pain and injury due to a medical provider's gross negligence may wish to note that there are attorneys in the Clarksville area who focus on medical malpractice cases and may be able to provide support and counsel

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