Risks are taken in any surgical procedure in Tennessee, and results are not guaranteed. However, the expectations of cosmetic surgeries are typically higher than for other types of surgery. While cosmetic surgeons are mostly respected in their field and known for carrying out injury-free procedures, mistakes are sometimes made that could lead to medical malpractice claims for significant amounts of money.Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice in Clarksville

Some plastic surgery procedures are more dangerous and risky than other. With the number of nerve endings in the face, reconstruction of the neck area, cheeks and forehead poses a significant risk of suffering nerve damage that could lead to loss of motion, numbness or drooping. Even more dangerous is surgery on the eyelids and around the patient's eyes because the optic nerve may be damaged and blindness could result. Nose surgery is equally risky because mistakes can cause recurrent nosebleeds and breathing problems.

The other two dangerous surgical procedures involve the stomach and the buttocks. Tummy tucks, or liposuction, are common cosmetic procedures but also extremely dangerous because it is done in an area of multiple organs. Risks include internal bleeding, seroma, tissue necrosis, blood clots, perforated stomach walls and fat clogs in the lung area. When butt implants are done, there the implants could rupture or migrate to induce painful sciatic nerve pressure. Some fatalities have resulted from unlicensed silicone injections into the buttocks of patients.

Any invasive surgical procedures can pose the risks of bleeding, infections and anesthesia complications. Tennessee victims of unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries might have viable claims against the surgeons. Every procedure has known risks, and if the doctor failed to inform the patient of those risks, or if there is a reason to believe that the medical team was negligent or even incompetent, it might be time to consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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