Store owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their property safe for customers and to make sure that their employees are trained to do the same. Otherwise, there's a potential for injury due to poorly maintained parking lots or regarding slip-and-fall accidents on messy floors. While a recent slip-and-fall incident didn't occur in Tennessee, with the number of Walmarts in the Clarksville area, it very well could have.

A woman in another state has filed a lawsuit after she slipped and fell in a Walmart. According to the complaint, the defendant, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., failed to clean up an unknown substance. This, the suit asserts, resulted in the plaintiff slipping and falling.

The woman alleges negligence, accusing the defendant of overall negligent management. The lawsuit alleges that Walmart not only failed to clean up the dangerous mess, but failed to warn the public of said mess and the potential for a slip-and-fall accident. The plaintiff is seeking all reasonable damages and appropriate relief, and additionally requests compensation for court costs and legal fees.

Far too often, residents of Tennessee are embarrassed when they are injured in public slip-and-fall accidents, mistakenly believing that they are somehow to blame. This, in turn, may prevent them from seeking the assistance they need and deserve. In situations where improper maintenance resulted in injury, an experienced premises liability attorney can offer counsel on seeking justice. A lawyer will be able to examine the details of the incident and help determine whether negligence by a property owner was a causal factor in the accident. With the often-costly medical treatments and pain and suffering that frequently result from such accidents, a successfully litigated lawsuit may be the best -- or even only -- means of acquiring the funds to get victims the care they need.

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