Preventing distracted driving seems so simple, doesn’t it? Some might argue that it’s just a matter of putting your phone away and focusing on the road. However, that trivializes some of the “hidden” causes of distracted driving that many don’t consider at all.

To help drivers avoid further accidents, we’ve identified one of the most dangerous “hidden” driving distractions, having a messy car.

Clean the Car

Having a clean car is an enormous step toward eliminating distractions. Drivers with bottles, cups, or even a bag rolling across the floor shift a part of their focus away from the road and onto the trash.

Messy cars are especially risky in the case of fragile objects as drivers have a greater tendency to reach out and secure the object immediately. This issue can be prevented altogether by putting unneeded objects (bags, packages, etc.) in the trunk or the footwell of the backseat.

Risks of a Messy Car

Loose objects encompass all three elements of distracted driving. The sound of a shifting object can prod at a driver’s mind like falling water droplets, taking a portion of their attention away every few seconds. Drivers look at the cause of the sound, taking their eyes off the road. Finally, some might reach for the object, putting them at the greatest risk of all.

Get Regular Maintenance

Taking a few minutes to secure or remove loose objects can make a huge difference in preventing an accident. Similarly, drivers should take a moment to make sure their car is in good maintenance. If something is squeaking or rattling, it could create a distraction strong enough to drag the driver’s attention away from the road.

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