Clarksville accident The strips of land between opposing lanes of traffic on many Tennessee highways are meant to help keep motorists who share such roadways safe. However, a median is unlikely to prevent an accident if a vehicle veers out of its lane and crosses over the strip. In fact, many trucking accidents are caused by cars or other vehicles traveling through medians and into oncoming traffic.

One such tragedy occurred on a recent Friday in Marion County. Three vehicles were involved. Authorities have issued a preliminary report that suggests a particular motorist heading west on Interstate 24 at the time may have been responsible for the accident.

The man's car apparently crossed over the median and smashed into a tractor-trailer traveling eastbound in the other lane. The impact of the crash propelled the massive truck across the median where it collided with another automobile. Sadly, the 43-year-old woman who was behind the wheel of that car died after being transported to the hospital for emergency treatment.

A passenger in the woman's car was injured as well. Investigations of Tennessee trucking accidents involving multiple vehicles are often complicated and time-consuming; however, officials try their best to determine the causes of such incidents, which, in some cases, leads to criminal charges against one or more parties. Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, a seriously injured victim (or immediate family member of a deceased victim) may pursue litigation for the purpose of seeking legal accountability against any motorist whose negligence may have caused a particular accident. To get started on your case call Pete Olson Injury Attorneys today.

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